Pregnancy / Childbirth

I went out to give birth. Be right back

If the delivery was uneventful, the young mother and her baby can return home after a few days. The discharge usually occurs on the second-third day after natural delivery and on the fifth day in the case of a Caesarean section. However, there are women who do not want to stay in a medical facility for so long. On the second day, and often even a few hours after delivery, they decide to leave the hospital at their own request.
Paulina is 30 years old. As soon as she got pregnant she knew one thing: she wants to give birth at home. Together with her husband, they wanted the daughter to be born in a safe, peaceful place, in an atmosphere of intimacy and family warmth, among her loved ones. They prepared for months for delivery. It was supposed to be an unusual, magical moment for them. A moment that will change their lives forever, and one that they will remember as one of the most beautiful experiences they have experienced. The strange, cold, sometimes multi-person, hospital delivery room deviated far from their ideas of the ideal place for delivery. However, life went wrong as they planned ...

- When I started giving birth, it turned out that our midwife would not be able to come to us, because she was on duty in the hospital and childbirth at home would not be possible. Everything happened so fast ... - says the young mother - In this situation we had no choice. We had to go to the hospital. However, I knew that I would want to leave him as soon as possible. And so, in October last year, Hania was born in one of Krakow's hospitals. Paulina gave birth to a daughter in the evening and the next day in the afternoon they both left the hospital - Actually, I wanted to leave the same day, but my midwife advised me not to. She told me to rest this night and if I was determined I would leave tomorrow - the girl recalls. In the morning, during the rounds, she informed the doctor about her intentions. The pediatrician also had to leave the hospital with her child.

After conducting the necessary examinations and completing the necessary formalities, Paulina signed a document about leaving the hospital at her own request, at the same time committing herself to remain under the care of a midwife. In this way, several hours after delivery, little Hania and her mother could enjoy each other at home. When asked why she made such a decision, she explains briefly: - I am in favor of a natural approach to motherhood. I wanted the delivery to take place without unnecessary medical intervention. If it goes without complications, I see no reason to stay in the hospital. It also draws attention to the fact that the principles and standards of perinatal care in other countries often differ significantly from those in force in Poland. Natural delivery is approached not as a complicated operation, but as something completely natural, not requiring prolonged hospitalization.

Anna gave birth to her children in Ireland. She often compared stories of friends whose children were born in Poland with their experiences. He says that in the Islands, doctors care less for postpartum patients. She emphasizes that no one was rude to her, but one could not expect excessive signs of greater - than standard doctor-patient relations - interest. - Everything is done on the basis of: You gave birth. Nothing is wrong. Come out. We are expecting childbirth - he says, explaining that in the case of Caesarean section, it was possible to leave the hospital after a few days, but when the birth took place by force of nature, the discharge was received within 24 hours. - If you gave birth before 10am you could leave at 10 the next day, and if after 10 am the next day - specifies.

Women who decided to leave the hospital at their own request point to many reasons for their decision. They want to return home with their newborn child as soon as possible because they do not believe in sterile and safe conditions in medical facilities. On the Internet forums you can find more than one story about how this "child got infected with something in the hospital". Such stories effectively discourage women from leaving newborns under extended care of hospital staff. They want to take their treasure home as soon as possible, where they think it will be safer. The girls also attach importance to the atmosphere in the hospital. They believe that a child needs above all peace, warmth and silence, and this is rarely counted in state centers. The decision to return home early is also often associated with a natural approach to motherhood. Women do not want someone else to bathe, change or feed their child. They are afraid that it will be fed on the bottle without their consent. They do not agree to vaccinations and do not want anyone to persuade them to change their decisions.

When asked about their stay in hospital, young moms talk about how difficult this time is for themselves. The woman after giving birth is exhausted and sore. Childbirth is a huge challenge for her body. He puts to a hard test not only the physical but also the mental strength of the woman giving birth. Some compare fatigue after giving birth to 12 rounds of fierce fighting in the boxing ring. In addition, there are hygiene issues, which should then be meticulously taken care of, so that there is no infection, which can result in serious complications. Midwives and doctors emphasize, among others how important it is for the wound to heal properly. However, it is difficult to see that in a multi-parturum postpartum room, full of medical staff and visitors ... - I lay in the room with eight other women. Each of them had guests every day and daddies could spend their days with them. I understand that everyone wants to be with their mother and child, but in such conditions it is really difficult to rest. There is no question of intimacy - complains Eve. He believes that at home, with the support and help of loved ones, she would recover sooner.