Small child

Backyard violence, i.e. when children beat children ...

No one is allowed to beat children. Application of corporal punishment is not any educational method and it only causes irreparable harm to the toddler's psyche, leading to many disorders in his development - specialists alert. Beating the youngest prohibits Polish law and there are many social campaigns about the harmfulness of spanking. All this means that - according to statistics - less and less children in our country experience physical violence on the part of adults. But what if the torturers are ... the children themselves?

Why do children beat children?

You my son beat a friend in kindergarten today - probably none of us would like to hear such words. Parents' reaction to this type of information can vary.

Some will say that this was to be expected from himbecause at home he is also aggressive. Others they will not be able to believe what happened. It is impossible. It's such a calm child. We've never had any problems with him. Certainly he was provoked - they will begin to explain the baby's behavior. In both cases, however, the most important thing is not to underestimate the situation, neither too don't panic and above all, why the child did this.

There can be many reasons. The most common are: feeling afraid and not accepting desire to attract attention, appear in the group, lack of skills in dealing with emotions and reproduction of negative patterns from the family home.

Children are fighting in kindergarten - why?

For a toddler who has spent most of his time with his parents so far, kindergarten can be a real deal challenge. A foreign place, unknown people, new tasks and responsibilities, and above all mum and dad are missing - all this often causes fear in a child. His way of dealing with the stagnation can be beating. The child begins to be aggressive towards others, because he is afraid. In this way, it releases stress and releases negative emotions.

Sometimes our kid can hit a peer, to get adult attention in this way, he wants to let us know that she lacks our interest or closeness. Sometimes the reason for aggression in the youngest is the desire to impress colleagues, gain recognition in the group.

It is not uncommon for a toddler to beat because he cannot handle the feelings of anger, injustice or regret in any other way. This behavior then becomes part of the child's emotional development and is natural at some point in his life. Situations, such as when it was hit by a ball in the head by a peer or showered with sand during play, can be a valuable experience, which is an opportunity to learn empathy, fair competition, competition on the principles of "fair play" and dealing with others without running away. to violence.

Let's also remember that for the youngest children aggression can be a form of fun, experiment and result from curiosity: what will happen if I hit?... The toddler behaves in this way, wanting to test our reaction, his action should not be treated here as a conscious desire to hurt someone.

Often, however, children beat because they have experienced violence themselves. They beat because they were beaten or witnessed pathologies in their families or closest environment. Children learn life by watching adults and often duplicate their behavior. The toddler, dealing with aggression on a daily basis, when he is unable to defend himself against it, begins to accept it, gets used to it and perpetuates it as a normal image of the family. If my parents do this and my colleagues' parents, it probably should be like that - he thinks. Often, this belief is a form of defense, a way to deal with sad reality.