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Nutella causes cancer? Italians are withdrawing her from stores

Nutella is not healthy. An advertisement suggesting that this is a great idea for a "nutritious breakfast" and a "portion of health every day" has little to do with reality.

Besides, not only Nutella is censored. Also other sweets based on palm oil harm your health. We should not eat them, let alone give them to children. It is spoken louder and louder, and scientific data about the harmfulness of Nutella and other similar products is very strong.

Following the publication by the European Food Supervision Authority of information on ingredients that may cause cancer, some Italian stores decided to remove Nutella from the shelves. Will it be similar in Poland?

A portion of health every day? Certainly not…

Nutella is the flagship product of the large Ferrero group, which conquered the market by storm. In the 90s several times a day you could hear the following ad, which, given the current state of knowledge, to put it mildly, misled the customer.

Nutella is the most expensive combination of sugar and fat available on the market. Tasty for many people. It's a fact. Quickly acceptable to most children. You also have to agree with this. As well as the fact that Nutella costs a lot, and does not represent too much.

The two main ingredients are sugarwhose excess is responsible for obesity plague, diabetes, caries, cancer and Palm oil, which 45% consists of harmful saturated fatty acids. In addition, during the production of Nutella, it is heated and thus loses valuable nutrients.

And that's it because of palm oil, the Nutelli producer has to translate.

The European Food Safety Authority announced last May that this ingredient used in the production of Nutella, heated to high temperatures acquires carcinogenic properties. Even a small intake of palm oil by children can lead to cancer.

Although palm oil is used in many sweets, it was Nutella that got hit the most.

A producer who knows reports from the world of science, is not going to give up palm oil, because it allows you to obtain the optimal consistency of Nutella. You could replace palm oil with rapeseed or sunflower oil ... but this would significantly increase production costs.

In response to a wave of publications, Ferrero has launched an information campaign to convince customers that their products are safe.

She also expressed concern about the safety of palm oil World Health Organization and UN Food and Agriculture Organization.