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"Spiritual obstetrics - intimacy of birth"

When I found out that a postal package containing Ina May Gaskin's book was waiting for me at the post office, I went for it as soon as possible. The desire to read the book was so strong that I unpacked the package on the street. After reading the first few pages, I was extremely surprised.

About the author ... hippie

A few days earlier, I entered the author's name in the search engine and I knew that this is a globally known midwife, even awarded with the Right Livelihood Award called "Alternative Nobel". I also knew that she was a propagator of natural births, that she practiced in a center created by midwives, which is the safest place for delivery in the United States. So I thought I would read a book about how good it is to give birth without anesthesia, in vertical positions, in water or even at home. I was surprised. I didn't know that Ina May Gaskin is a crazy hippie! Turning over the pages of the book, my surprise subsided, and replaced them feelings of respect, curiosity and joy.

A few words about the book

Ina May Gaskin became a midwife out of need. Traveling around the country, she was looking for a place where the hippy community could settle permanently. Many couples and pregnant women traveled in the caravan. Therefore, Ina May, not yet a certified midwife, began her adventure with obstetrics. The first deliveries were received in motorhomes heading to Tennessee, where the "Farm" was created. The first birth received by Ina May took place in the parking lot in front of the University, where her husband gave a lecture!

Spirituality and intimacy

"Spiritual obstetrics" consists of several departments. There are touching stories of deliveries of women from the "Farm", tips for pregnant women, a chapter on the child, as well as instructions for midwives that every pregnant woman will read with pleasure. The surprise that accompanied me at the beginning of the book was related to the fact that Ina May did not write the usual guide. This is not a position that will tell you exactly how the baby develops in each week of pregnancy, what positions to take during childbirth and how to deal with the milk crisis. There are many such guides on the market. I haven't met books like this. The author, while writing the text, draws attention to two aspects of delivery, which are perfectly contained in the title "SPIRITUAL obstetrics - INTIMACY of birth". The spirituality and intimacy of delivery can be felt in every delivery story and on every page of the book.

Ina May draws attention to the importance of a spiritual approach to childbirth, how important are the people who surround a woman during this event, how important is the energy released during childbirth and how important is respect for the woman giving birth, the child and the process itself. To release a child is sanctity, according to Ina May. I envy her this approach. Several deliveries described in the book took place in the hospital. Reading Ina May's book, we can compare different births and different treatment of women.

A great plus of the book, which I must mention, are Polish footnotes. Without them, the position would not be so valuable. The information contained in the book is sometimes somewhat outdated or simply inadequate to Polish realities. It also often happens that the actions taken by midwives from the "Farm" conflict with Polish regulations (mainly in situations where high-risk labor is carried out at home). Footnotes perfectly explain all contentious issues and perfectly complement the publication.
I recommend Ina May's book to all women. It is a position that certainly will not once in your hands. I especially encourage you to read "Spiritual Obstetrics" for women who want to consciously experience their childbirth, as well as those who are afraid of childbirth. Reading this book shows a deeper sense of birth and calms you down.

Gaskin left a picture of natural, perfect and spiritual birth in my heart. I hope that obstetrics will move in this direction.

Thank you to the Virgo publishing house for sharing a copy of the book.