How to thin the thick runny nose in a child?

Most often a runny nose in the course of a cold is liquid and comes out of the nose by itself. However, sometimes it takes a different form that is more severe for the child. An example is a thick runny nose in a child. What can it mean and how to deal with it?

Thick runny nose in a child - viral or bacterial infection?

Thick runny nose in a child can occur both in the course of viral and bacterial infection.

Although many parents claim that the color of the secretion can tell which factor caused the infection, this is not true. Scientists have proven that thick, yellow or green discharge can occur with both viral and bacterial infection (more on this subject).

In addition, a runny nose, difficult to remove, can be caused by sinusitis in a child. Regardless of the cause of the problem, what is important is the procedure that will protect the child from unpleasant complications. Even such a trivial runny nose can be difficult to treat disease states.

How to remove a thick runny nose in a child?

The feeling of stuffy nose in a child can be very severe. It is very important to fight it effectively, trying to dilute the discharge and systematically removing it.

The basis is:

  • increase in fluid intake,
  • increasing the amount of vitamin C and calcium,
  • ensuring that the child, especially in the autumn and spring season, takes vitamin D,
  • systematic ventilation of rooms in which the child is staying,
  • moisturizing the nasal mucosa using sea salt,
  • use of nasal drops that constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling (up to a maximum of 4 days),
  • use of inhalation with the addition of eucalyptus, menthol oil,
  • lubricating the child's back with ointments with essential oils,
  • introducing inhalation with a saline nebulizer,
  • laying the child on higher pillows.

If your child has a frequent recurrent thick runny nose, check to see if the cause is allergy. It is also worth doing nasal swab, maybe bacteria is to blamefor which you will need to use an antibiotic. If the problem often occurs, it is worth going to an ENT specialist. A child's thick runny nose is often caused by a skewed septum, an overgrown third almond, or incorrect sinus structure.

It is always worth showing a child to a pediatrician if a runny nose is accompanied by: