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What is a four year old? On independence, anger and rebellion

four-year is a child that is growing at an amazing pace. First of all, it becomes more independent, independent and confident. It is nothing like a three-year-old who requires much more support. It is distinguished by creativity and openness to new ones. Has more energy rarely sleeps during the day, can mark his presence in a definite way. Tantrums, rebellion and difficult behavior are commonplace. How to survive with a four-year-old?

A four-year-old can be difficult, but that's normal

Children are not perfect. You can meet "good" and never-toddlers, but the norm is life on a sine wave. The development of several-year-olds is a constant ups and downs, difficult emotions, dramas and outbursts of anger.

When children grow up and reach their next stages, their behavior is usually a big challenge for parents and guardians. A toddler lost in the new reality reacts with anger. He cannot deal with many things, and his great need for independence does not allow him to ask for help. As a consequence, we have everyday dramas about handing this cup, placing sandwiches not on this plate, the need to dress, wash and comb. Simple activities become unbearable. There is a scream and attempts to stand up.

A four-year-old is less emotionally stable than a three-year-old. More often he goes from crying to laughing. He rebels, constantly checks the boundaries, assessing whether they still exist and how much one needs to address them. A four-year-old child can be fussy, irritable, stubborn. The parent's role is to consistently stick to established rules and not to bend under the pressure of the child. For the sake of a four-year-old, borders should be defended, which will help the toddler understand their meaning. It is key consistency, patience and peace. It's difficult, but unfortunately there is no other way.

This is important because four-year-old children are beginning to understand that not only them, but also other people matter. In addition to their own needs, the feelings of loved ones are important. The toddler should better resolve conflicts and control emotions.

Four-year social development

A four-year-old child likes to play with other children. In general, he understands the rules of games, but often gets lost in them and tries to bet on his own. It can be demanding and difficult to cooperate with. When he gets angry, he beats other children less and less often, hides in the corners, offends, refuses to talk.

The child is fascinated by what is forbidden. It can go through a stage saying "bad words" and provoking the environment with aggressive behavior. To arouse interest in the environment, he sometimes lies, boasts, puts up and rebels. On the other hand, he can be caring, compassionate.

He likes to play themed fun - home, store, family, doctor, etc.

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Four-year-old and vocabulary development

An interesting four-year-old is already a skilled speaker. He will shower you with questions, he will be able to lead long discussions that have one goal - to explain to him the world and its rules.

The child's vocabulary is growing. The thought process is also developing. A four-year-old answers questions better and conducts a logical discourse. Of course, still naive, but natural for his age.

Most four-year-olds learns poems quickly, loves to sing, play with words, counting out and language puzzles.

What can an average four-year-old do?

  • introduce yourself,
  • tell where he lives
  • speaks clearly using complex sentences,
  • count to 10 or more,
  • correctly names at least 5 colors and 4 shapes,
  • recognizes several letters, may be able to write his name,
  • understands the flow of time better: he knows that breakfast is eaten in the morning and dinner is served in the evening,
  • carries out three-step instructions: "go to the room, bring the teddy bear and put it here"
  • the child uses a fork and spoon,
  • can stand on one leg for a few seconds,
  • climb the stairs without help,
  • walk forward and backward
  • can draw a circle, square, triangle,
  • knows how to dress and undress with a little help from an adult,
  • wash yourself, brush your teeth,
  • use the toilet
  • he fantasizes (he can't fully separate truth from fiction),

How to support the development of a four-year-old?

Children learn while having fun. A four-year-old is a very energetic and hit child, so he needs a lot of time to jump, run, climb. He needs the everyday going out to the playground!

A four-year-old child may start to indulge in eating. A toddler who has eaten everything without protests can now refuse many foods. How to deal with this?

It's best to wait. Give your child all the ingredients, including those he doesn't want to eat and allow him to choose. Don't punish the toddler for not eating something, but don't suggest what the child wants instead.

It is worth talking a lot to your child about emotions, reading books that will facilitate the child's emotional development. In addition to the time spent on hugging and themed games, keep calm during difficult times. When a child rebels, do not force yourself, wait. Ensure your presence and defend your borders firmly. Do not allow unacceptable behaviors such as beatings, throwing objects, or screams. The toddler needs time to learn to control his behavior and express his emotions accordingly.