Small child

Holiday with a child

Holidays with a child are a great challenge for parents and great joy. Joint holidays, whether these are the first or subsequent ones bring a lot of emotions. They look different when the toddler has just learned to sit down, and differently when he is running or starting to talk more. Regardless of the stage of development of the child, there are certain rules that should be followed to ensure a successful rest together. For the whole family.

Where to go

Parents of small children have the biggest dilemma: babies. Many parents then feel that it is not possible to go everywhere with a toddler. Meanwhile, when the child begins to run and becomes heavier when worn, it suddenly turns out that the range of possibilities is even narrower. Hypothetically. In practice, many parents do great with a baby in the mountains (walking through the valleys in special slings and resting on a picnic blanket), as well as by the sea, which is worrying because of the sand and the difficulty of moving the stroller. Therefore, instead of sticking rigidly to the rules: a small child is a sea, a few-year-old adoring animals - an agritourism farm close to home (to limit travel time for a small impatient), and a school child - mountains and travel abroad, it is worth considering what we expect from holidays, to what extent can we meet our plans and meet the greater requirements of the little ones.

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With a child by the sea

Many parents spend their first vacation at the seaside with their children. In this case they work best small towns, located away from the noise of night life or housing estates far from the center and near the sea.

Short distance from the sea, which may not have been so important to you when you traveled alone now will really matter. It will simply allow you to relax in greater comfort and without additional stress. Going to the beach with a baby or even a few-year-old is a much more advanced undertaking than when you spontaneously go there together. In addition to basic luggage: a blanket, umbrella or a special tent for the child, towel, sunscreen, glasses, food / milk and drinking for the elderly, it is also worth taking sand toys, beach ball, changing clothes, a screen that will provide more privacy .

If we're used to the baby carrier, of course the trolley will not be necessary (the child can take a nap in the tent or under the umbrella covered with a blanket). However, if the stroller is your "good friend", it is worth taking one that has large pumped wheels, which will allow you to easily ride on the sand.

It is also important the place where we will go. It is worth choosing one that has a good exit to the beach, with a special promenade - for example Kołobrzeg, and to a lesser extent towns that require going down the cliff to the beach and climbing up to reach the accommodation (e.g. Jastrzębia Góra).

Important advices

  • so that a small child by the sea does not get lost among the crowd of sunbathers, let's put a bright hat on his head,
  • you can also put a band on the handle with the name, surname and contact number for the parents: just in case,
  • Before leaving, an older child should be sensitized to safety issues by reading special books, playing and training "difficult scenes", teaching the child to introduce themselves, etc.
  • with a small child it is better to avoid extremely sunny hours between 11 and 15.
  • let us gradually tame the child with a bath. At the beginning let the toddler run, soaking his feet, that only after a few days he can take full bath. Of course, under the watchful eye of parents.
  • before we put out the blankets and towels, we should pay attention to whether there are trash, glass, pets in the immediate vicinity, etc. Unfortunately, the cleanliness on the beaches (not only Polish) is different ...

Holidays in the mountains

If we rule walks in the valleys, you can go with your baby. A lot depends on what distance separates us from the mountains and whether we like this form of rest. If holidays in southern Poland will please us, the same emotions will also apply to children.

The only downside may be the fact that you have to carry many things. Will be usefull big backpack and baby carrier and best for younger children who sleep during the day: also a pram. Doctors recommend that you do not wear babies in scarves and slings for too long. Maximum several hours during the day. Headscarf manufacturers, in turn, say there are no limits. The decision is up to parents. It is worth bearing in mind these two opinions and choose the one that we consider more reliable.

Important advices

  • hiking with your child in the mountains will be longer, so let's book time to watch the beetles, touch the leaves and smell the flowers. It is not the goal that counts, but the pleasure of walking - always remember that,
  • choose short and simple routes,
  • the pace of the march should be adjusted to the youngest person,
  • slings in the mountains should have a special roof to protect the child from the sun,
  • often rest, giving the spine some relief and planning time for a meal,
  • always have charged cells, GOPR phones and maps with you.

Holidays abroad

You can also go abroad with your child. However, you must remember to make an identity document at least a month earlier. From 26 June 2012, the entries in the parents' passports have expired. Today, every child crossing the country must have their own ID. There are two ways:

  • ID card - entitling to travel around the Schengen countries (including Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal). For children under 18, the ID card is valid for five years. Its production is free. The waiting time is about a month.
  • passport - entitles you to travel around the world. Cost for children under 13: 30 zlotys, for children over 13 years of age and students: 70 zlotys, waiting time depends on the period of submission of the application. Passport for children under 5 years is valid for 12 months. For five years for children aged 5-13. Attention! In July 2012, the President signed an amendment to the Act, which extends the validity of the passport for children up to the age of one to five years, which is in line with regulations in other countries.

For the ID card and passport, of course, you must provide a photo of the child taken at the photographer. He will take a photo in accordance with the top requirements applicable to passport photos and used in ID cards.

Important advices