6 least needed products for children

There are products for children that you can easily do without. Well, if you think about it longer, they are quite unnecessary.

Some look nice, others tempt with their functionality, but as a consequence we usually summarize their purchase with the statement: it was not worth it (of course if we have the courage to admit the error).

What lay-out decisions can you give yourself?

Canopy above the cot

The cot or cradle with a special canopy looks beautiful. Delights and touches. In practice, however, as soon as the canopy is mounted, so soon after the birth of the child, many parents take it. A piece of material interferes when lifting a child, often annoys that it collects dust, obstructs the air supply.

In addition, the canopy limits the child's visibility, makes the toddler stuffy, especially on hot days ...

Well, but even if we bought a canopy, as much as we enjoyed the eye with it is ours. For sure in the pictures of the room waiting for the baby will look great. This cannot be denied him. And that then does not work ... Well ...

Crying analyzer

Some say it works. And it's hard to argue with that, if someone says so, they have the right to do so. We do not agree. We have had the opportunity to test the analyzer and we do not confirm that it is effective (more on this topic). Closer to him to sell or a product that gives good money on parents' concerns than to really good quality device.

In addition to this, apart from the product and its mode of action, every conscious parent should learn "baby's speech" himself. Just a little sensitivity, willingness and time to recognize the child's need. Of course, this is not always possible, because learning is a continuous process and we will never be sure that we will understand a child in every situation. However, we are parents and we have to come to terms with it.

There is something else: psychologists emphasize that such a "gadget" is another obstacle between parent and child and does not allow the formation of a real, strong bond.